Scientists: sweets reduce performance

Scientists: sweets reduce performance
17:21 of Today’s Telegraph according to the website news of show business: the German and British researchers claim that after eating sugar people experience more fatigue and become inattentive.

There is an opinion that to improve performance, you need to eat something sweet. But, according to scientists from Britain and Germany, it is not so.

Experts have examined 31 studies on the relationship between carbohydrates and physiological reactions, information about which was published in a specialized journal. Contrary to popular belief about the action of sugar and flour, similar products positively affect human performance. Thus, the results showed that the intake of carbohydrates reduces the care for an hour. Another half hour and the person feels fatigue after eating a product with a high sugar content.

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The study involved more than 1,200 people, and experts concluded that sugar consumption brings pleasure and inflow of forces only in its advertising. The results, according to researchers, will help to inform the public about the phenomenon of “sugar rush”. And also have a positive impact on promoting healthy eating ideas.

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