Scientists have unearthed an ancient “Darth Vader”

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Not only that, many people find the appearance of the horseshoe crab is very strange and repulsive, so the scientists had discovered the fossil age 245 million years, a shell in the form of the letter “D”. The researchers immediately recognized the fossils of the famous villain from the “Star wars”, so called fossil invertebrate – Vaderlimulus.

While the horseshoe crabs have appeared on Earth 470 million years ago, this individual lived most recently, in the late Triassic period when the first dinosaurs only evolved. In fact, some horseshoe crabs still alive today. This means that they have survived five mass extinctions. They can be found near the shores of East coast of the United States or the far East.

Vaderlimulus lived near the coast Idaho, in those days, when the surface of the earth different from today’s – reigned swishcontent Pangaea.

Despite the fact that the horseshoe crab has survived through hundreds of millions of years, catching a variety of turns of evolution, the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, several mass extinctions, however, a number of modern individuals is on the decline. They are easily caught and often they go for fertilizer.

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