Scientists have proven that planets can be formed from dark matter

Dark matter



Photo: from open sources

Science news:Scientists from the US have shown that planets can form dark matter.

Previously, this theory was considered impossible, but experts have discovered a few such planets in space. According to experts from Rutgers University to a planet could be formed from dark matter, it must be heated. Under the influence of temperature is an unusual cluster, that is the matter of “going” in the object, and is not a diffuse cloud. Previously, scientists adhered to the theory that the material must be cooled in order that it was formed in the object.

From the heated dark matter can form only a small space objects. Landing on such a planet is impossible. since there is no interaction between the atoms in the dark planet and the landing of the object. The scientists also found that the life expectancy of the planets from the matter is rather short. He eventually disintegrate into a number of smaller cosmic bodies .

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