Scientists have proposed an original method for the treatment of children’s disorders

Scientists from children’s hospital of Philadelphia evaluated the efficacy of video games for treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and accompanying attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This writes the journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Problem familiar drugs for the treatment of disorders that half of children with autism spectrum disorders have some symptoms of ADHD, with about a third of them put a secondary diagnosis of ADHD. The presence of two disorders reduces the effectiveness of ADHD drugs.

ADHD – what is it?

It is a certain type of behavior, which is accompanied by disorders of attention, growth, hyperactivity. In children or adults having difficulty in the perception of information, attention span, impulsiveness in behavior.

The study involved 19 children aged 9-13 years with a diagnosis of ASD and comorbid ADHD symptoms.

Children with these symptoms are suffering from cognitive problems – they have disrupted the ability of the brain to maintain concentration and attention and to ignore other factors that distract.

Scientists have proposed to treat children’s disorders video games

So the researchers launched the project EVO, which provides sensory and motor stimuli with action games. The treatment is carried out using video games or educational activities that contain pattern recognition.

RACES – what is it?

It is a violation of narratvie, the main features of which are qualitative disorders of reciprocal social interaction; qualitative disorders of communication, restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior and interests.

“Our research showed that parents and children reported high levels of satisfaction with treatment,” says study author Benjamin Eris (Benjamin Yerys).

The main evaluation of the effectiveness of API TOVA is an objective measure of attention, which was approved by Management on control over quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).

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