Scientists have figured out which diet slows down aging

Animal experiments conducted by experts from the University of California showed that low-calorie diet improves the functioning of the biological clock and thereby indirectly contributes to the slowing of aging. Researchers do not exclude that such a relationship can be observed in humans.

photo: pixabay.com

Pretty long been known that in humans and many other living beings in the body there are various cyclic processes due to the changing time of day is called circadian rhythms. Experts drew attention to the fact that some of the genes associated with the work of the “internal clock”, are also involved in many other processes occurring in the brain and other organs, and from these processes depends on the rate of aging and lifespan.

In the first phase of their study, scientists tracked the activity of their genes of interest in mice of different ages. As it turned out, young individuals genes, allowing the body to promptly switch between the willingness to sleep and Wake worked much better.

In the future, scientists tried to feed rodents a low-calorie food — the average food of these mice contained 30% fewer calories than the one who gave the rest . As it turned out, such a diet has allowed genes responsible for circadian rhythms, to work longer “in full force”. According to scientists that eating a low calorie diet the animals lived on average significantly longer than those who ate standard food. Also the experimental group, despite the “respectable” age preserved the activity characteristic of young animals.

The study was published in the scientific publication Cell. Experts do not exclude that in the future the obtained results will help to approach and to understand some of the “secrets of longevity” to people.

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