Scientists have discovered in space “sword of the Jedi”

While the structure of this cosmic education.

In 2003 NASA sent to the space Observatory Spitzer, who during his work has revealed many interesting and unusual objects, reports

In particular, Spitzer found a galaxy that resemble the form of the sword of the Jedi from the movie Star wars.

The galaxy NGC 5866, located 44 million light-years from Earth and is a red beam.

Clear ring image suggests that around the galaxy is a very dense ring of space dust. It means star system absorbs the starlight, reflecting it in the infrared range (it did photos).

It should be noted that this structure can be purchased at the early stages of merging galaxies. However, in this case there is no deformation of the ring, appearing usually in these periods. Often show the star system represent a spiral arm or a shapeless nebula. In this case, the researchers were able to see and fix a flat “edge”.

While the structure of the cosmic education. Galaxy for scientists too inconveniently located and is difficult to study in space.

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