Scientists have discovered a new class of planets

They have no analogues in the Solar system.

Astronomers made the discovery of a new class of planets, which have no analogue in the Solar system.

About it reports “Apostrophe” with reference to the press service of NASA.

This study was possible thanks to data from Hubble telescope. Scientists have found that planets are a new class of density “cotton candy”. Also they have no analogues in the Solar system.

Scientists note that the discovered planet can look as big and bulky as Jupiter, but about one hundred times lighter in weight. It is known that the three exoplanets are in the stellar system Kepler-51 in the constellation of Cygnus.

“How and why the balloon there is in the atmosphere remains unknown, but this feature of the planets is creating new opportunities for atmospheric research,” – said the scientists.

By that time, astronomers knew only about the three types of planets: earth, ice giants and gas giants.