Scientists have blamed the Soviet Union in the creation of the Earth’s radiation belts

The magnetosphere of the Earth still keeps the memory of the Cold war, with echoes of the confrontation between the USSR and USA have a rather bizarre and somewhat frightening form. To such conclusion experts from the UK and the United States. According to them, the testing of nuclear weapons held by the Soviet Union, led to the formation of our planet artificial radiation belts.

photo: pixabay.com

The radiation belt is is a region of the magnetosphere, which held high-energy charged particles, primarily protons and electrons. The fact that such belts are present in the magnetosphere of our planet, has been proven in the middle of the last century.

Scientists drew attention to the declassified documents, it is a test of nuclear weapons conducted by the Soviet Union at the height of from 25 to 400 kilometers in 1958-1962 years. The explosions resulted in the release of near-earth space particles of high energy. Thus, its nuclear tests, the Soviet Union changed the configuration of the Earth’s magnetosphere, triggering the emergence of artificial radiation belts. The researchers note that the same apparently is true for tests conducted in the USA .

The emergence of artificial radiation belts, according to the researchers, subsequently affected some of the objects located on the earth’s orbit — in particular, they are alleged to have caused the failures of several satellites.

Experts remind that the impact on the Earth’s geomagnetic field from time to time has the Sun — in particular, on his activity depend on natural radiation belts, called van Allen belts. However, the effect on the magnetosphere of mankind, especially in certain periods of its history, is still underestimated, the researchers said.

Their arguments, scientists reported in the journal Space Science Reviews.

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