Scientists fear a catastrophic eruption of the volcano in the coming decades

The SUPERVOLCANO in Yellowstone, recently confidently claim to be “the main threat to humanity”, has again attracted the attention of researchers. Experts from the University of Arizona, speculated that the eruption could occur in the coming decades. According to her, the recent analysis of samples of volcanic ash showed that the so-called magmatic bubble can form much faster than is commonly believed.

photo: pixabay.com

The SUPERVOLCANO located in the national Park in the North-Western United States in Wyoming last erupted about 640 thousand years ago. Currently, this area is often recorded earthquake, and many see them as a sign of the awakening of the volcano. However, until now it was thought that in the very near future super eruption people to wait is still not to be. Despite new study this opinion, in particular, continues to adhere to the employee of the Yellowstone volcano Observatory Michael Poland, who said that a SUPERVOLCANO eruption in the near future to wait though you should not . By the way, some experts do believe that truly “obvious” approaching the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO would be just over a year before it happens, so the chances of mankind to prepare for it can be small

Last September, experts from the American space Agency NASA suggested that a possible eruption of the volcano presents a more serious threat to humanity than the fall of a meteorite or even the beginning of the war. At the announced forecast of experts, the super eruption could lead to the beginning of some semblance of “nuclear winter” — the planet would be enveloped in dust and gas, blocking the sunlight, and this, in turn, would lead to the cold, loss of crops and mass starvation. Even then, as one of the most dangerous among the two dozen supervolcanoes on Earth experts were called the Yellowstone volcanic Caldera.

By the way, recently the concern was aroused by another volcano, located in Italy under the Phlegraean fields near Naples and the famous fact that one of its previous eruptions, some experts attribute the disappearance from the face of the Earth of the Neanderthals.

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