Schools were allowed to rent premises

Universities can rent space. Photo: Correspondent

From today, schools can pass their property to rent to ensure the educational process or services students if the school itself is unable to provide them.

The relevant law No. 2661-VIII came into force, reports UNN.

The law was amended in part 4 of article 80 of the law of Ukraine “On education”, put it as follows: “the Objects and the property of the state and municipal educational institutions are not subject to privatization or use for educational purpose, except for lease to provide services that cannot be provided directly by educational institutions related to the provision of the educational process or service of participants of educational process, including determination of the management body of the ability to use public property in accordance with law.”

The law was published in “Golos of Ukraine” on 18 January. Because it comes the day after publication.

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted as a basis and in entirety the draft law No. 9425, which allow schools to hand over his property and space for rent.


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