Scattered school feeding halva


For the child the most important first years of study. Then, changing his whole life, increases the load. Until the student gets used to the system, can weaken the immune system and develop chronic diseases, says March Azula, 33 years, associate Professor of Pediatrics LNMU them. Daniel Galitsky.

Most primary school students have problems with the cardiovascular or pulmonary systems. Also found a violation of digestion and posture.

– Student is not as important meal, Breakfast. It cannot be ignored. The baby, woken up 5 minutes before Breakfast, are unlikely to be able to eat normally, says 37-year-old Maxim Shevchenko, Metropolitan dietitian.

You must eat Breakfast before leaving the house. Breakfast is enriched in carbohydrates, which contribute to the active work of the brain. There should be flour products, cereals and fruits. It is better to give apples. They are rich in pectin, contribute to the formation of new brain cells.

Aggressive children cannot give sausages and cured meats. They have nitrates of potassium and sodium, which accumulate in the body and trigger irritability. They better have a soothing – oatmeal, white beans, millet, carrots, nuts and watermelons. Scattered students is to feed the halva and dates. They restore forces, fill Energiya, strengthen immunity and improve memory.

To improve concentration will help the dishes of oatmeal and buckwheat groats. To relieve fatigue and to improve memory will help beef liver, dairy products, soy and green onions. To intensify the work of the brain will help legumes, beets, eggs, cheese, nuts and cereals.

– Teach your children to different tastes. To get used to the new foods, sometimes you need to try them a dozen times. It is not necessary to force to eat vegetables, but to show an example, do that by themselves. Gradually they will get used to it.

Be sure that the child drank enough water. Children 6-8 years must drink five glasses a day. While children 9-13 years – eight glasses.


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