SBU scored on a program “waiting for You at home” and feed all fakes

On parade the official records of the program “you checkout in the home,” you know all the fighters. Its essence is simple: anyone terrorist “DNR” and “LNR” can write to the page in Facebook and get Amnesty for their participation in the war in the Donbas if have not committed serious crimes.

Launched in 2015, the year the project immediately became popular – the number of disappointed in Putin’s project of quilted jackets, who wanted to return to a normal life, was considerable.

To work with these people even singled out individuals who sat in the headquarters of ATO in Kramatorsk and interacted with “clients” by promoting them on arrival at the free territory, testimony and other secret service stuff.

And as with all the wonderfulness of the Service Scoop it is not eradicated, the staff began to set the standards.

A La is obliged to persuade to give up eleven people in a month. And since this is not so easy, because the end of the active phase of the war most of the terrorists or tainted blood, or long gone and sat in different cities of Ukraine, and many were afraid to go, “dill”, the police began to make tweaks. Caught the local quilted jackets, made them run out of the woods to join the ATO forces the camera to tell me how they “were guarding the checkpoint,” and now, after a correspondence in Fb, ready to give up on the program “waiting for You at home.”

People of the video testimony was presented as the success of active work of the SBU. Talking about taking advantage of this program to this day. Just the thing – it doesn’t work for almost a year. Last post on the page before the active group dated August 28, 2018. And all requests separable with requests to help them spelet remain unanswered.

But in the press center of the SBU saying how they give up one or the other action, which allegedly was persuaded to surrender. But no large-scale information activities to increase the flow of deserters witnesses is not observed.

Counterintelligence is really actively working with the staff of Putin’s militants. Many actually pardoned in exchange for the voluntary surrender and discharge of his accomplices. Only with the activities of the program in the form in which it was conceived, it has nothing to do. Why did this happen? Hard to say.

May be responsible for the work of the project has just scored on performance of their duties. It may well be that the curator had retired from Service, and the management decided not to put in its place. Both, it does not seem surprising, because the ordinary Opera have vpahivat for poverty wages in the 8-10 thousand, not to combat for the detention of especially dangerous terrorists in the area of environmental protection while listening to some of which came into NABOO and the RRG colleagues about their salary in 30 thousand with the work without risk to life and excess of hemorrhoids. In General, no motivation.

And the management office is forced to work in conditions of staff shortage and once again not to lean neither with good nor with bad indicators. Even good work can be punished, they say, what you used to do, if it is all won and plans are exceeded.

Anyway, one of the most successful projects merged, but needs to be restarted. Otherwise, what sense to appeal to local militants to surrender, if their application nobody really handles.

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