Sanctions on Russia imposed so that the countdown of the Putin regime.

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union and the United States of America are of such a nature that will cause the end of the regime of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Russia has a great margin of safety, however, the sanctions are destroying a number of prospects for the country.
Such opinion in interview to the edition of “Apostrophe” stated a military expert Alexey arestovich.
“The sanctions imposed are and so that began the countdown of the Putin regime. These sanctions are not intended to show Russia that its actions are unacceptable, that it is necessary to return to the club of civilized Nations, and it pointed directly to carry Putin’s regime. This is not a warning, and the offensive side of the United States is very good for us news. They bring down the Putin regime and its impact on Europe”, – said the expert.
He also added that the United States hit Russia these sanctions, “in order to derail the main source of income of the Putin regime – the supply of energy to Europe.”
“The second purpose of the sanctions is to break the eternal corruption of the European economic and political leaders associated with the agreements with Russia. This is a blow to the established order in Europe. This is an important geopolitical decision,” said arestovich.
The expert stated that “the margin of safety in Russia is much more than we used to imagine.”
Ordinary people don’t understand the full mechanism of sanctions. Sanctions don’t kill Russian refrigerator right now, though had largely been killed, and aims to be in 10 years Russia will lose the civilizational race to the West, which by that time will go to the 6th technological stage. It’s like comparing a station on the moon and the Cherepanov locomotive from the 19th century, explained arestovich.
Although, according to him, formally, for the average Russian, nothing happens. As an example, he cited the Russian Manager, who can “purchase the Ford Focus and through relatives in Ukraine to get his cheese, crushed with a bulldozer, and iPhone can buy.”
“He’s not even in Turkey can go. He is well, but Russia, as the social system, very badly – to kill her future prospects. For example, by 2040, Russia could make a technological leap and become a high-tech power of the future, but can not, because the sanctions are aimed at the destruction of these prospects,” – says the expert.
“Sanctions are such a chisel, which separates the Putin regime of Russia. So the West says:” Russia is good, and Putin’s regime – not good “. While the Russians themselves do not understand that the existence of Putin’s regime kills any of their civilizational perspective,” said arestovich.

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