Sakura-fest in Uzhgorod: what will be surprise at the festival

The blooming of sakuras in Transcarpathia – a phenomenon that attracts thousands of tourists. Look at the Uzhgorod who is drowning in pink color, come from all corners of Ukraine. This event, as in previous years, will dedicate the “Sakura-fest”.

Expect this year especially Sakura will bloom profusely from 15 to 20 April. The festival will begin 12 April. And will last until the end of the month until the 27th.

In the framework of the “Sakura-fest” will hold an exhibition of Easter eggs, hip-hop championship Show Wow Fest, theatre festival, football tournament, cable car races, wine festival, Wine Sakura 2019. Even conduct a free tour of the city.

“Sakura-fest” in Uzhgorod: Billboard

Growing cherry trees in Japan, some States of America and in the Carpathian region. And in Uzhgorod, is the largest in Europe Avenue Sakura, which stretches on both banks of the Uzh river. Japanese cherry special that increases the humidity and lowers the temperature of air picks up dust, reduces the pollution and just adorns the city.

Some of the Uzhgorod sakuras for almost 100 years. In the 20-ies of the last century, when the Transcarpathian region was part of Czechoslovakia, the architects learned that the swampy ground ideal for a colorful ornamental Japanese cherry trees. Put one, and today it is the whole Avenue of cherry trees.

As the Sakura blossom in Uzhgorod last year – see bright photos.

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