S Novi rock, s Novi string: potryasnie I dobucki 2018

For a great rahunkom, 2018 CCB has one skladnik rock, after Bo Cecilia on vsih fronts: Yak on real, de trival bojov d s agresor, and on paltineanu, predvybornom, navti at the Church. Prestou, 2018 year dobg CNCA, Ukraine will the period svyatkovyy. Same hour traditio pdfedit pdsmi, buduvati t TA – sagatavoti there is a will.

Naybilsh iconic good podu rock Ukrainians nazivajut utvorennya Pasno Church that nadannya Tomos. Has z positive mozhna nazvati prodovzhennja sanctions against Russia, SMN principu finansowania medicine, start ukladannya lands s smanie Loramie, uchwalenie the law about Antikorupcinio court.

Kinets rock print us vdkbitw Agricu in Kerchensky protoc, zahaplennja full of Ukrainian moracu I woni mill, which, on happiness, mi vzhe experienced. In ostanni the numbers grudnia mi spostarsi performance s povernennya Naslova in DFS through vidana him the command of about shumopodavleniya on posed a Clinica. Devno reaction to Uryadov at TSE iz said about zahaplennja odnu the human WSU budul DFS on Luvsick plow.

Uavt sobi! One man, in the Dumka Uryadov, SDATA, zahopili CLI reigning on clu budula. Chi TSE not wirok of chinni power . the claim about Udal reform: Sudova, palcisko TA INSHI? By the way, STU: osobisto was pobyvala in DFS in Ostend dni rock, that is not vevila there oznak Naslova. At the same time I want proswete you about your robot push stroke the rock.

Will pocino s, scho I robila in 2018 for pgprint. On the cob rock biolase against bezpasnosti blokowania of podatkowych nakladnich. Together with colleagues rosabela saressalo the bill about the operation Finansowo polz on samnu everyone knows, what does NIN neefectivni economcis pdrandin SBU Paltz podatkowy MLC. TSE wusuns silove tisk on business that viceprovost s Demba korupcia, renti.

“Oznak Nasirova from DFS not vyyavleno”, – Ostrava

Vrahovano moï 44 amendments to the law about privatization of the sovereign of the main. Of in particular, zaboronen privatization sub ctam s powers-agresor; privatization schisano from uchasnikiv, that I blackout; prisvyacheno sprosen little privatization.

Moï amendments to Podatkovy code schodo transfer Crowthorne that kontrolowanych operations to roblet of Chergui CROC for pripinaniya tn s most popular schemes mnths payers that vivedeno koshtiv across the border.

Not tabula I about Agrar. Farmers the Association of low zemlevladeniya Wolin weavile nespravedlivosti in Podatkovih Codex opodatkuvannya schodo tovariv NERUHOMOSTI virobnikiv clinicohistological priznachennya – picnic osib. “unable usnote smami in Podatkovy code.

Vlcko, rozpal primarschule the attack on the smuggling that protects vlasniku car on Branemark, mi uchalli the law about Dine vikno on manic, that sproshu procedure miten design, Primera s punktv pass vsih Sumina controllers – pesant, Radulov, ecologv toscho – I salisha there are Mitnick prykordonnykiv, ctco vnorovy VSI controls procedure for an hour.

TSE those in chomu by the rocky spekulasi koronovan officials, storyyy stuck pereshkod, strenuous vantage vimagati sobi vinegared.

I did not give Spock an DFS, an MPO, an Uryadov. Chislennymi deputatskie saptami s description schemes mitnic DALnet illicit clans unable zvernuti lastly pay attention Prem RA on the mess, that vdbase on mitnic that tnow flows, yaki ydut, povs reigning budget.

“I did not give Spock an DFS, an MPO, an Uryadov,” Ostrava

Dobre, scho Uryadov though visnaw NavNet problems on mitnica I zbytky sovereign budget Rosmer animense mlatv 100 UAH. That, sweno well, to the sovereign budget, extend gucn obtenci sukhwal said about periyanna plans, so I don’t nadili. Well, nichogo, yea over Chim pracowali nastupnogo rock.

Have ostanni the numbers grudnia Uryadov prinyav holds about poll kalinago monster on Manu podatkowa service. For tsogo target mivtach will roboco group, to eco included I Narodni deputies. We nabrasyvanii not post declares and SMN MSTU schodo Tsikh organs, h functions that pahodu to work, napolnena h accno with new people. Dwellers TSE became Vcore lachey zmeu wiki.

Well in nastupnogo year we will struvite MiTo adminstrate, that dorayme Єvropa notamn partners. After may, Nadia scho not far off that day, if mi minimumo W ºC spln cordoni. The one on our manic Buti got the order, and not the Orgy, Yak at a time there vdbase, in particular z manim the design of machines.

Hoch accesi on a car I Buli snigin, realsize new law showed scho lisalisa problems s viznachennya MiTo vartest car. Won yea it’s important, Oskolki vpliva Rosmer plativ at mit the PDV. And, by the way, elektromobil unable pliku z PDV of produziti until 2022 year.

TSE small part, Chim I simulate uves year! May the dream dwellers have nastupnogo year unable shte bilshe. TSE and nemozhlyvo without patrici people. The fact everyone knows, what does the I want hocheTsTsa dermal, hto modenow pricey Robit sviy of vnesok in rozvytok Ukrainy.

First of all, I want hocheTsTsa our wonam, magnm colocam incam, that boronat vsih us. Without You mi could pracowali hi, hi svatovete at a time nowarn Holy. Thank You! Poverties Dodoma the health of I live!

“Thank You! Poverties Dodoma the health I live!” – Ostrava

Separate want vcmii pgprint. Hoch obrani to a b_znes of podatok on vivedeni Captal instead podatku on prybutok so I didn’t zapravili, ale spades scho umove for vedana to a b_znes nastupnogo rock to PARRAMATTA, Vlad did not zblewski podatki, tariffs, she did not vigabatrine INSHI circuit for vitacolonna pennies s your Kyshenya. After platnick payers need obslugovuyuche, not vocabluary them ostan.

Bajan you zrostannya prirucku I sahadou bazhannia – dwellers officials pam while yatala scho sama VI napunta budget, yaky stink raspodeliti, I have set before you, respectively, thanksgiving and balcony.

After the power has got not vlasnik pennies, lachey koshti platnick payers. A TSE VI, Nashi Ukrainian Ukrainian which I skin, that splace in derebucak sorazu if Atria dohd, if Kupu Chi goods services!

Zavdyaki you power got money on defense, on health care, on higher education, pens, on the road, for all scho fransse budget! Thank you! S Novi rock!

And sche, curiously enough, want privtate coropceanu. Sahadou there is a will – through the year can say bogatom h: “S Novi rock! S Novi string!” I Novyi Rik – TSE I do not mean Holy, but about Novi rocky UW atnenna, yakih VI vzhe saccules.

Sapratu Antikorupcinio the court, and if not vsih you, though purshia top 10 posadyat in nastupnogo year.

S Novi rock!

Thank you everyone knows, what does hto we have devise 2018 year I everyone knows, what does hto to us sortase. Friends, dwellers I robila without your komentaru! Precum for You! S Novi rock!


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