Russian virus scary, because the effective

Russia – it is a virus. Deadly and contagious. And each of us is infected with them. As with hepatitis.

The viruses come in the cage and enter yourself in her genetic text. Then disappear as the material unit – they are not, because they become fragments of me. Then I feel bad. According to the viruses, good. Their codes recorded on my genome somewhere between what is important to me, begin to activate. And they make themselves of my material. And then you break through my shell, punching and thus killing them.

The key phrase to understanding Russia is informally cultivated there the postulate of badness. They say the most dangerous people – those who are good. Therefore it is better to trust those who are your animal hides. Russia animal. She knows all the bad things. Seeks to prove it as soon as possible.

The whole strategy of Russia is to ignore anything that strives to be the best that believes in the conscience, the humanity, the shame. In order to feel natural – like, all the same.

The Russians, like viruses, must be destroyed. Landscapes, people, relationship, situation. Russian virus scary, because effective. Infection total. The immune system selectively. We have a lot of patients. And so the Ukrainians are so drawn to Russia. She’s cute, because first, it offers to be the beast. Second, it allows Ukrainians, which is a cute, feel good – in the background the Russians don’t have much to try so hard to be human, because compared to them even the worst Ukrainian people.

I only wish that all those who are a little further from us, I think we naturally Russia, because we are infected. They still do not realize that the virus is transmitted in all ways. It will not protect any honour and valour. Russia will come in invisible form, like hepatitis. She’s not going away. This for years, for decades. Not know how to get rid of that Russia, when she – as the virus is written in your genetic code.


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