Russian singer proposed to change the venue of Eurovision-2017

Singer Alexander Panayotov Photo:

Member of the Russian singing show “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov was invited to move Eurovision-2017 from Kiev to another city. This is reported by “”.

“There was a strange situation in relation to the Eurovision song contest. As from Ukraine and from Russia. It might be worthwhile to move the contest to another country, another city. For example, in London. Or the Russians just to provocatively Eurovision, as suggested by the artists,” said Alexander Panayotov.

“What I will represent Russia at Eurovision – just rumors. I learned about it from Internet publications. Yes, several times I applied. But have never held the competition. Had to cheer in front of the TV”, he added.

The singer is originally from Zaporozhye. Since 2011 lives and works in Russia.

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Prior to that, Panayotov said that the song is of the contestant from Russia must “unite the fraternal peoples”.

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