Russian HQs in 2018 get the latest planning a bomb “Drill”

The General Director of Group “tehmash” Mr Lepine said that in 2018 will be completed tests of the newest bomb “Drill”, which will then need to go into service. “MK” was informed about this development in 2016. The advantage of this bomb – in high accuracy.

Lepine confirmed that in 2016 began to test a new sample base plan cassette bomb caliber 500 kg. Bomb curb submunitions. The design of such bombs is the Ministry of defense of Russia.

“After successful completion (test edition) in 2018, this product is planned to adopt”, – “Interfax” the words of Vladimir lepina.

Recall that in October 2016, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov told “MK” that last then the exhibition “Army-2016”, NGO “Basalt” presented its novelty – the bomb “Drill” through which the aircraft of tactical aviation will be able to easily hit lightly armored vehicles, ammunition depots, a variety of structures, objects and communication. The range of application of innovations – the widest, one undeniable advantage – high accuracy.

The head of the Group “tehmash” also said now that completed development of small-caliber ammunition for the PAK FA, and MI-28 and Ka-52 testing a new small-caliber ammunition will be completed in the near future. In addition, state tests of a new anti-sabotage sets of shots for grenade launchers, with which you can hit saboteurs even under water. And finally, the military initiated operation of a new and promising 40-mm grenade launcher “Balkan”, which by its characteristics superior to the best world samples.

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