Russian helicopter accidentally fired at the warehouse during the exercise “West-2017”

During the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2017”, held in September, the Ka-52 is not just accidentally launched a rocket toward the audience but also struck at the warehouse.
It is reported by RBC with reference to sources in the aviation industry and close to the defense Ministry.
The first unexpected shot came at 14:47 after obtaining the permission of the head of the flight of the polygon when performing the third attempt at the combat course at a height of 50 m and a speed of 200 km/h when the main switch is turned to the weapons there was a spontaneous gathering of unguided rockets (NAR) C-8.
After that, senior Lieutenant Volchkov received a command to stop the job, changed course and returned to base in the city. After the landing, there was another unplanned shot. The shell got to the warehouse, partially destroying one of the walls of the building. It is noted that no one was hurt.
According to media reports, the start of the 30-millimeter projectile was the result of errors of technicians that checked the helicopter.

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