Russian geneticists explained what a dangerous experiment with genetic modification of children


According to Svetlana Smyrnaios of FSBI “Medical genetic research center”, in Russia there is no legislative base, allowing to carry out similar experiments, and the ethical committees of scientific institutions would not give permission. The expert explained that in order to confirm the safety of use of such technologies it is necessary to conduct genome-wide studies. At the same time, according to her, is that science knows too little about areas of the genome not coding for proteins, but can influence the function of genes.

Chief geneticist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Sergey Kutsev also noted that to date, the results and editing of germ cells or embryos at an early stage of development can be too unpredictable in the long term.

November 26, Khe Cisangkuy said that for the first time in history changed the DNA of the embryo to instill in those children the ability to resist HIV infection. The result of the application of CRISPR technology was born the girl-twins with the edited genome, the first of which was one copy of the gene that gives immunity to HIV, while in the latter both copies . He also said that another participant is pregnant at the moment. Later it became known that the unborn girl was named Lulu and Nana.

The message attracted wide attention, and a week ago the Chinese authorities, summarizing the preliminary results of the investigation on this subject, said that the words genetics is true. Also the authorities were able to confirm a pregnancy for another woman who also participated in the experiment. Later, the Ministry of science and technology of China said it plans to improve the legislative framework to combat the illegal genetic experiments.

In early December, the world health organization said that creates an expert group to study the issue of editing of the human genome. The specialists tasked first and foremost to answer the question, whether the question of the artificial modification of the genes of the people the right to exist.

The experiments related to the genetic modification of the closest evolutionary “relatives” of people in China are quite officially. Recently, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducted the first successful experiment on cloning macaques whose genome was previously edited using CRISPR/Cas9. Individuals that appeared in the experiment, we need experts to conduct studies on the disturbance of circadian rhythms.

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