Russian athletes 23 times violated anti-doping rules in 2018


In 2018 were 23 cases of violations of Russian athletes anti-doping rules. This was stated by the anti-doping coordinator of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Ikonnikova Elena in comments to the press service of the Federation:

“This year we have identified 23 cases of violation of Russian athletes anti-doping rules. That’s a lot, but considering the amount handed over in this year’s sample – circa 2000, this figure is less than 1%.

The emphasis in the work of 2018 was placed on expanding pools, testing, implementation of system of admission to the competition calendar of the club athletes up to 18 years only after completing their online learning on the website of RUSADA educational seminars. The work was great.”

We will remind, on September 20 of this year, WADA has restored the rights of the journalist, since she believed that the Russian side has fulfilled all the conditions of the road map. The World anti-doping Agency still has not gained access to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, which is also a mandatory criterion to fulfill Russia.

Earlier recovery against RUSADA made by 13 anti-doping agencies from different countries.

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