Russia threatened the US “star wars” in response to a new strategy for missile defense

In Russia said that the new American strategy for further development of a missile defense system proves the US desire “to establish military superiority” and threatens an arms race in space.

About it reported in a press-service of the Russian authorities.

Thus, the administration of Donald trump intends to expand its missile defence capability to protect the United States and allies. First of all, we are talking about increasing the orbital constellation of satellites for monitoring launches and flight path of enemy missiles.

Separately, the BBC writes that the report “Review of policies in the field of missile defense,” noted the necessity of development of new technologies, which should ensure the defense of the United States for the next several decades. Among them – combat lasers, the space warning system about the rocket attack, fighter-interceptors of ballistic missiles and much more.

Such intentions of Washington are of particular concern with Russia. They think that it actually gives the green light to the prospect of placing strike weapons missile defense in space.

“The implementation of these plans will inevitably lead to the beginning of an arms race in outer space” – say the Russian authorities.

The Russian foreign Ministry also added that the consequences for international security will be very negative.”

Would like to encourage the US administration to think again and to abandon such irresponsible attempts to restart at a higher technological level is well known, the Reagan star wars programme,
– stated in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the new strategy is ABOUT “is openly confrontational nature” and again, “demonstrates the commitment of States to provide unchallenged military primacy in the world”. In addition, there see it as “the ability to conduct military operations to protect its interests in any part of the globe.”

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