Russia refused to broadcast the Eurovision-2017

Russian “First channel” declared that will not broadcast Eurovision, which will take place in may in Kiev.
This was announced in the evening news the Russian propaganda channel.
The reason for this decision called the refusal of Ukraine to allow to participate in the contest the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova, who in June of 2015 performed a concert in the occupied Crimea.
According to “Rain”, the Russian TV channel received a letter from the European broadcasting Union, in which the organization acknowledged that they were unable to resolve the issue of participation Samoilova in the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, as the decision on ban on entry the Russian singer took the security Service of Ukraine.
On “the First channel” complain that consider such decision of the Ukrainian side “attempt to politicize the contest.”
In Russia confirmed that they had received the offer remote participation Samoilova and its replacement for another artist who did not violate the Ukrainian legislation, but both options were refused.
The option of replacing Yulia Samoilova with another artist, in our opinion, can not even be considered. In this situation, channel one considers it impossible to broadcast the Eurovision song contest-2017, – said in a statement channel.
Earlier, another Russian broadcaster VGTRK, who is a member of the European broadcasting Union, also refused to broadcast the Eurovision song contest-2017, which will be held in Kiev.
The Channel 24 is the national media partner of the Eurovision-2017

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