Russia issued a license of the company, which is associated with Kurchenko, for oil production in the Crimea – media

Company “New projects”, which is associated with the controversial Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko, has received a Russian license for exploration and production of oil and gas offshore Crimea.
This writes the Russian edition “Kommersant”.
It is noted that the main owner of the company is the entrepreneur Anton Corrostop, which is close to the family of the former head of “Rosnedra” Valery Pak, although several sources said that “New projects” relate to Sergey Kurchenko.
“Two people in the government argue that the beneficiary of the “New projects” is a Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko, who resides in Moscow after the change of power in Ukraine. But the interlocutor “Kommersant”, close to “New projects,” denies it”, — notes the edition.
There is also information that the company was founded in Kiev, but in 2015 it was sold to the former Deputy Chairman of Yalta Vitaly Bridge.
According to the information resource, the “New projects” received the license in 2015, according to the simplified procedure for Crimea (after Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian owners of licenses for the subsoil in the Black and Azov seas has made simplified the procedure for their renewal prior to October 1, 2015, — “24”), but then had no assets and conducted no business activities.
Thus, according to Rosstat, the balance sheet of the company at the end of 2015 were empty and the company had no assets except 60 thousand rubles of the share capital.
Note that in June 2016 the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered to issue the company a license to the plot of “Deep” for 30 years.
Therefore, in 2017 the “New projects” are going to make a plan of exploration, and for eight years the company needs to drill the well search.

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