Russia is reviving morality

Degradation of the West has caused evolution in Rossiniere the government has set a goal to destroy Russia, by the destruction of health and morals
people. Seeing the nightmare that is happening in the West and under pressure in Russia
reborn morality…


The West has successfully implemented in Russia hard sex

The Author – Irina Alksnis

“Levada-center” conducted a sociological study, whose results identified another shift in Russian public opinion towards conservatism — this time in the sphere of personal and intimate life of the people. The “right” dynamics is really impressive and is consistent over the last 20 years.

For example, on the issue of adultery (sexual relations other than marriage) a negative attitude and evaluation of its reprehensible how things grew from 69% in 1998 to 85% in our time. Moreover, the figure increased almost exclusively due to the very tight installation, insisting that adultery is reprehensible, always and without exception.



Similar trends are observed for other items .

In Russian society has increased dramatically that in the “civilized world” are now called homophobia (in fact, the rejection of the disease, elevated in the West to normal. Approx. Rouen). If at the end of 1990-ies, for measurements of the “Levada-center”, homosexuality to a greater or lesser extent didn’t approve of just over 70% of respondents, then now this figure has reached almost 90% (88%to be exact). Growth, as in the previous paragraph, was due to the very rigid position, insisting on the fact that homosexuality is wrong in any situation.

Moreover, the question of the attitude of Russian society towards homosexuality appeared an interesting phenomenon. Over the last 10 years there has been a dramatic decrease (more than twice) among those who are undecided in their attitude to him. If in 1998 and even 2008, the proportion of difficult to response was 12%, now it is around 5%. Considering the overall figures, it is easy to conclude that the previously undecided joined a group of the most uncompromising negative attitude toward homosexuality.

But perhaps the most interesting and important developments occurred in this matter, as the attitude of Russian society towards abortion, and not generally, and in the situation of the dire financial situation in the family. Tolerance of abortion in such a situation and the perception of them as something it is not reprehensible for the past 20 years has decreased more than twice — from 64% in 1998 to 26% in the moment, completely losing their positions once the dominant point of view in society.

In addition, sociology has recorded a very important point relevant to the interpretation of the results of the study as a whole. If the previous two issues, the strengthening of conservative points of view occurred in the most demanding installations, in this case a departure from the liberal attitude towards abortion was smeared around the “right” spectrum. However, dominant at the moment is the mildest point of view, which implies that abortion is always wrong, but only in some cases.



Why is it so important?

Yes, because it helps to understand the nature of the changes in public opinion in the country about sex and the taboo existing in this field. The results of the survey “Levada-center” in General is so impressive that give rise to political propaganda and speculation. In fact, they have already begun.

On the one hand, the figures provide an opportunity for representatives of liberal views (both domestic and foreign) to accuse the Russian society in the innate, native homespun obscurantism (in fact, the natural and correct view of society, Approx. Rouen) and that it is fertile ground for reactionary propaganda of Church and state.

On the other hand, conservative organizations do record the results of the survey your stash (really, these trends are not associated with religion. Approx. Rouen), arguing that the dynamics of public opinion reflects the results of their work in the fight against immoral and harmful to public morals phenomena.

However, it seems that reality both interpretations have a direct relationship.

It’s not even that usually moralistic propaganda is clumsy methods that can cause rejection in most people, rather than to attract their sympathy. It seems that the root causes of changes in public attitudes in Russia are pragmatic considerations, not certain of the ethical category.

Given that divorce Russia is at the level of Western countries — world leaders (the country is falling apart about half of marriages), the arguments about strengthening the moral attitudes of Russians do not look too convincing. More likely that the ongoing developments of public attitudes are much more simple and, again, rational considerations, namely, the softening of public attitudes.

If not so long ago tradition and public opinion is firmly pressed on young people, expecting them to start a family and children at an early age, now this question became a lot more tolerable. If the person is not ready to family creation and remains in this status, it is no longer a matter of serious public disapproval.

From this position logically follows the tightening of public responsibilities to family people do not want to marry (to get married) — don’t get married, but if married, then act like one and be faithful to the second half.

On the background of attitude to marital fidelity, where easily detectable pragmatic motives to running the “poprawiny” public opinion, the surge of conservatism of the Russians against homosexuality is really impressive, at first glance, its irrationality. However, it seems that this issue is not unwarranted growth of homophobia, but it is a natural response to what is happening in the world.



Protection and promotion of LGBT rights in Western countries (destruction of healthy social organism. Approx. Rouen) in recent years took so active a nature that increasingly developments or formal decisions are perceived by Russian society as aggression against representatives of traditional values and the destruction of society itself.

Someone can note that the growth of Russian homophobia as a response to the next steps of political correctness in France, the UK or the us is absurd. Really absurd this is, because these are the realities of information and an open world in which humanity now lives.



Immaturity, immature people


Immaturity as the quality of the individual – failure to achieve full held on the development and interaction of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity.

Immature personality, like ripe fruit, would imply some internal immaturity, lack of integrity, incompetence. Immaturity are unable to find their life’s purpose, you realize what is good and what is bad, did not understand how to live right and how wrong. Not having a conscious experience, she, like a puppet, vulnerable to influence and suggestion.



Immaturity is the inability to use the “muscles” of your mind. A Mature man is, first of all, the personification of reasonableness. Immaturity is when a person cannot control by reason of his restless mind and insatiable senses. It is childish and stupid. To manage desires. The ancient saying: “beware of your desires, because they can be fulfilled.” Through burning desire, through any form of excess and redundancy in life comes the bad fate. The trouble of immaturity that she is soaked and filled with idealizations, the engine of excess and the excess of significance itself, and certain objects of the external world. Milford, Prentice writes: “self-control and courage it lies in the fact that the spirit controls and owns the body. The lack of self-control proves our “immaturity”. It indicates that our spirit is our real “I” — forgotten, undeveloped, and wholly given power of the body.”

Immaturity mirrored Nezalezhnosti personality. Immaturity, paradoxically, imbued with pride, that is, too highly appreciates and respects others. In the shower she thinks she’s “cool”, self-sufficient, successful person. Immaturity is the belief that I know everything. Immaturity dreamy and not realistic. Head in the clouds, she builds castles in the air, retreat from the showers and thunderstorms of life. Osho in parting words the woman wrote: “you can Not marry or get married in a poetic mood. Let the prose mood come, then you can make a decision. Because daily life is more like prose than poetry. People should be Mature enough. Maturity means that the person is not romantically minded fool. He deliberately refers to life, he takes responsibility for his life, aware of the problems that can occur in life together. One takes all these difficulties, but still decided to make a life with another person. People no hopes lying ahead of him only Paradise and roses. It does not nourish the illusory hopes, he knows that life is hard. Life consists of the monotony of everyday life. Will and rose, but between them will be a lot of thorns”.



Immaturity is the psychology of a victim of destiny and a hostage of circumstances. Being irresponsible, immature people not taking responsibility for their lives. Immaturity longs for her case someone took her. She is always someone to blame. Like a dump truck, it is ready to shift the burden of their mistakes on others. Prone to accusations and justifications, all their failures and misfortunes she withdraws to the evil machinations of ill-wishers, enemies, evil, fate, inheritance, fatal bad luck, the evil eye. Ray Bradbury in the book “Summer morning, summer night”, wrote: “Perhaps the time will come when people will learn to recognize the maturity of character and say, here is a real man, although he is only fourteen years old. By chance and fate he became a Mature man who soberly assess yourself, know what responsibility and sense of duty.”

Immaturity suggests a lack of tolerance. Tolerance as a quality of personality – the tendency to show respect and friendly attitude to different worldview, lifestyle, beliefs, beliefs, opinions, traditions, habits, behavior and faults of others. Immaturity is a blind adherence to his convictions, beliefs and principles. She doesn’t care that beliefs can be limiting beliefs about, the principles, stupid. Outlook immaturity develops, in addition to the questionable principles and archaic beliefs, from false attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices and preconceptions.

Crude envious, too pretentious and overly ambitious. Pospelov lust to any object, for example, a cool car, she wants to buy it now and immediately. If it was reasonable mind would tell her that you’re too young to buy this car, not ripe. Why get into loans under wild percent, and then to work three jobs to work. So the car will not be fun, and to drive it once.

Immaturity is the unwillingness to fully socialservices in society. For example, to create a real family.




Healthy family, pledge the health of children


Nicolai Levashov – Evolutionary development of man



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