Russia hunts for the Ukrainians in the war in Georgia


Mercenary of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation Oleg Smorodinov, 51, 16 September 2016, shot the head of the Department of the Rivne SIZO, a former military intelligence officer 37-year-old Ivan Mamchur. Was killed for the fact that during the war with Russia in 2008 helped the Georgian side, the journalist writes the American newspaper “new York times” Michael Shwirtz. The investigation was published on 31 March.

Ivan Mamchur was shot in the stairwell of the Rivne high-rise buildings. Smorodinov rented an apartment on the ground floor and watched him. Received an order from the two curators of the FSB in Moscow. Had to hunt down six people in Kremenchug, Shepetivka, Lviv, Pustomyty, Rivne, Kryvyi Rih, Kharkiv. Each person from the list given code name. Mamchur was “rose”.

16 Sep 2016 Smorodinova received a message from Moscow: “rose should be plucked today.” Mamchur was waiting outside his apartment with a gun with a silencer. When he stepped out of the Elevator, shot a full clip into him. Smorodinov fled to Moscow. For the murder got the van “Mercedes” from the Russian secret service. Promised $5 million he was not given – because it left the weapon at the crime scene.

Smorodinov was arrested November 17, 2016, when he went to Ukraine to meet with a former girlfriend. She alerted the police. Smorodinov DNA found on the gun and cigarette butts from the scene of the murder. Admitted guilt. The motive the investigators believed that Mamchur has served in special units of the Armed forces in the ATO zone.

Smorodinov, the Russians moved to Ukraine as a teenager. Spent time in prison for bribery and extortion. Fought in the Donbass on the side of Pro-Russian militants. Was wounded and in 2015 settled in Moscow.

Smorodinov is still waiting to be sentenced in Rivne SIZO.

Journalist Michael Svirta interested in other people from the list. Smorodinov during the interview gave him the codes to your pages in social networks and told you how to get the list. The correspondent noticed that all the people in it – with a military background.

Moscow argued that Georgia its fighters were hit by Ukrainian weapons, the journalist writes. The party of regions, which was then in opposition, published the names of Ukrainians who probably took part in it. One of them was in the list Smorodinov. Two more from the list – in the books of Russian historians about the war in Georgia. In Ukraine confirmed that a fourth person was also in Georgia. But gave no details. Fifth he told a reporter that he was then in Georgia, but “did not participate in the war.”

– Fortunately, these citizens live, said, “new York times” the head of national police Sergey Knyazev, 47 years old.

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities confirmed to the journalist that Mamchur was in Georgia when the war began. He commanded the third regiment of the special operations of the Ukrainian army – the elite units, soldiers who were also in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither Mamchur nor other Ukrainian military did not participate in the fighting in Georgia, says Kiev.

In 2006 the Russian President signed a law authorizing the killing abroad of people who are targets of Russian special services.

– We don’t know who shipped weapons from Ukraine during the conflict. Whoever it was, this man made a big mistake. Weapons ruled the Ukrainian experts it was a crime. If we find confirmation of this, we will make contact with the people who made it, – said Vladimir Putin in 2008.


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