Russia hid in the Odessa region missile “earth-air”.

The rocket air defense system “Pechora” can hit a target at a distance of 18 km away. Photo:

Law enforcement officers found in the Odessa region 36 of illegally imported to Ukraine from Russia missiles “ground-air” air defense system “Pechora”.

This was announced by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko at the meeting of the government.

“The security service of Ukraine and the Main military Prosecutor’s office registered in January of criminal proceedings with the subsequent plot: in the period from 2017 until now, officials of Rosoboronexport acting in collusion with officials of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine made illegal movement across the border of Ukraine with concealment from customs control 36 missiles “ground-air” 5Б27Д, which are part of the anti-aircraft missile system s-125 “Pechora” in full battle equipment, together with related equipment,” – said Lutsenko.

He remembered that in 2007 the Russians on forged documents tried to transfer missiles supposedly in Eritrea and possibly other countries “to undermine the image of Ukraine”.

The attorney General asked the government to hand over the recovered weapons of the armed forces.

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios added that the missiles were “in the slums of one of the sea ports”. The radius of impact munitions is 18 km away.

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The monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded in the occupied territory of Donbass of the latest Russian electronic warfare systems. Assume that EW Russians used in the fight against not only the APU, but also against U.S. drones.


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