Russia has warned Ukraine about the risks of modernization of aircraft MiG-29

Russian aircraft Corporation “MiG” has warned Ukraine about the danger of modernization of MiG-29 fighters, which are in service with its air force. In particular, the Corporation assured that the Republic is not enough of repair facilities and experience in conducting similar works. As a result, “creativity” Ukrainian specialists will turn a good fighter into a mediocre attack, the report said. “MK” has found out why Kiev had that idea, and what it will bring.

We will remind, earlier Ukraine announced plans on modernization in Lviv region about 50 MiG-29. The service life of the fighters, turned into the stormtroopers, must be about 40 years.

However, even the Ukrainian press took the news without enthusiasm. In particular, for turning front-line fighter in attack will have to significantly increase his armor, which is twice will reduce its payload. According to the plan of Ukrainian specialists, the upgraded aircraft will be able to take on the job only 2200 pounds of ammunition. For comparison, the su-25 carries 4,400 pounds, and the American F/A-18 Hornet and F/A-18 Super Hornet respectively 7000 and 8000 pounds.

Despite this, Ukraine their complaints to the international court froze the contract of Bulgaria with the “MiG” in the amount of 40.5 million euros, which the Russian side had to upgrade 15 fighters. In Kiev decided that the agreement goes against the rules of fair competition. Thus Croatia requires Ukraine to return to her 12 new MiG-21 instead of those that are Ukrainian experts supposedly were repaired and actually made unfit for flight. Zagreb caused damage estimated at 22 million euros, and the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak acknowledged “shortcomings”.

“MK” has found out from the chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko, why Ukraine to upgrade their fighters, and where it will lead:

Only the developer, the holder of design and technological documentation, has the right to modernize released under this brand models of weapons. Everything else is counterfeit. Modern fighter aircraft is a highly complex weapons systems. Stranger incompetent interference in its structure may lead to irreparable consequences.

The attack is another application, a different range of weapons, different armour protection and so on. If the Ukrainians decide on their own to alter a front-line fighter MiG-29 on their own, they will ruin their own air force, which got them since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine there are only a few repair factories, specialization of which is too narrow for such work. Kiev has already tried to upgrade the MiG-21 belonging to Croatia, now they will sue for defective work.

It is obvious Ukraine wants at any price to turn their fighter jets into attack planes to continue to use them in the war and the Donbass. In 2014 Kiev has lost Eastern Ukraine 5 su-24 (armed with there are only 10 attack aircraft, approx. Ed.), and they need backup. But the use of upgraded MiG-29 will only lead to more casualties among the personnel and damage aircraft.

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