“Russia has something like”: trump said on “fast” missiles USA

“Russia has something like”: trump said on “fast” missiles USA
20:40 Mon 10 February 2020 Telegraph Interfax-Ukraine news of the world:trump said that the US has a “super-fast” missiles to counter Russia.

The us military have missiles that can reach the goal much faster than “normal” missiles, said on Monday the US President Donald trump.

About this he said in Washington, speaking before the governors of the American States.

“We have super-fast missiles and a lot of them. We call them fast. They are in four, five, six and even seven times faster than conventional missiles,” – said trump.

Trump explained that such missiles need US, “because Russia has something like that.”

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Recall that trump said Monday that it’s time to start “serious negotiations” with the EU on trade issues.

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