Russia expelled to Ukraine his propaganda Elena Boyko

The notorious accomplice of the invaders Elena Boyko called used and gave. Wednesday, January 16, Russian special services have uploaded drunken the propaganda train, which was heading to Ukraine.

From information on the extradition of criminals, which in Ukraine opened a criminal case, the adherents of the “Russian world” began the real hysterics, it turns out that Putin is their very throws.

The terrorist, realizing that from Russia it is still a balance due to violations of immigration laws, told friends that she promised to take out in “DNR”. When this was typical kidnyak.

The criminal was loaded on the train, claiming to be planted in Belgorod, but sent a little further – beyond the borders of Russia. And so it was Boyko in neutral territory with the seal on the prohibition of visiting of the Russian Federation in the passport.

To go in the direction of Ukraine, Putin lover was afraid, so frozen in a “grey zone”. However, to give the oak she was not allowed our guards. Fighters gpsu waited until Boyko notably promarinuetsya, and then came to her and took the checkpoint.

Now the court will elect an offender the measure of restraint, and then it can send to Lviv, where she will take the matter Sbushniki.

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