Russia divides the moon: Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of foreign Affairs is preparing a response to the United States


Of course, the pegs on the moon has not yet instructed, but some people really would like. In 2013 in the U.S. Congress a bill was introduced providing for the creation of the moon national historical Park “Lunar landing “Apollo.” “Because commercial companies and foreign Nations acquire the ability to land on the moon, it is necessary to protect the designated landings “Apollo” for posterity”, — was stated in the bill. Under the protection includes all the region of the moon where he landed spacecraft and parts thereof from 1969 to 1972, even the place of falling of steps of the ship “Apollo 13”, from which the moon formed a 30 meter crater.

The project was even spelled out the position of administrator of the national Park — it was supposed to be the Minister of internal Affairs of the United States. Its role would include the organization of permanent monitoring sites, managing access to objects and cataloging of all items in the Park.

This document was not accepted — apparently in connection with a temporary cooling of the authorities of the United States to the moon and the appeal of sight to Mars . But NASA still gave a recommendation on the inadmissibility of approach to the landing just two missions “Apollo 11” and “Apollo 17” is closer than 75 and 220 meters respectively. As explained “MK” popularizer of cosmonautics, Vitaly Egorov, recommendations were issued in anticipation of the implementation of the project Google Lunar X Prize, which promised $ 30 million whom I will be able to drop off and land on the moon of the current robot. NASA was frightened not so much the robot, how many jets of the ships on which they will arrive. After all, they can blow away the first trace of a man on the moon! “In addition to the traces we left behind a lot of artifacts, — told one of the employees of the space Agency — Robert Kelso, flags, scientific instruments, TV cameras to lunar vehicles and containers with waste of life astronauts.” What if someone wants to take anything from artifacts on the memory?!

In General, NASA is strongly recommended not to fly and not to come to the landings 50 years ago.


One of the iconic moments was the recent statement of the President of the United States on the return of astronauts to the moon in 2028. This week published a draft of the NASA budget, according to which in 2020 may be allocated 21 billion, of which $ 363 million will support the creation of commercial companies “large apparatus for landing cargo and then astronauts to the moon.”

So, what will answer all our scientists? The question we addressed to the research supervisor of numerous experiments on the search for water ice and study the soil of Mars, the moon, mercury, head of the research program “Moon 25” from IKI Igor MITROFANOV.

— Of course, the desire of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the immediate legal issues with lawyers and diplomats is a response to the active development of the lunar programs of our colleagues abroad, — says Igor Georgievich. — And we especially paid attention to the words on bringing to the new American lunar program of the commercial sector. There was obviously the question arises about the appropriation of the results: who will belong?

The main objectives of all States that, like us, have put the development of the moon in priority is using it as a space platform to explore deep space. In this sense, there is a need of construction visited lunar bases, outposts. In the longer term lunar resources. We might be interested in minerals, minerals, which is a little on the Ground. Or those that are on the moon to extract and process (even given the distance) the more cost-effective from the point of view of ecology.

— Who will have a right to them — the one who first got?

— At present, the resources of the moon are the object of common use. But, on the other hand, we can compare them with the fish caught in the waters of common use. If she’s already floundering in your networks — who runs it? It will be necessary to agree how we will spread ownership rights to lunar resources. What restrictions should be imposed if someone was the first to build a base on a specific territory, and other country will have on her?

Fortunately, we have something to go by. Is Antarctica is a continent not owned by any state. And there are three stations — base of different countries. That principle, as agreed by scientists there’s probably going to have to agree on the locations of lunar bases and the us.

International law 1967 stipulates the inadmissibility of interference with activities of one country or another, already built something on the territory of the moon. Then there is the question of interpretation of this provision. What is considered nuisance activities: if you break your base five meters from pioneer or hundreds of miles away, but your transmitter will create serious interference? These questions will probably have to adjust the creation of additional legal document.

— How do you think we should take the requirements of NASA, already have restricted the approach to the landing site “Apollo”?

— I don’t think it is necessary to protest. There is the UN, there is a fee, including for space exploration. Need to have their experts look at the problem of taking into account new realities. We need to sit down at the table and negotiate. In General, the greatest relevance of this question will become when we really begin to fly to the moon. Then our voice will be better heard at such meetings.

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