Russia, Crimea will have to return, and return it in the same way as stolen, – Loyko

Under Putin, Russia Crimea will not return in any case, however, it will eventually happen, because the liberation of the Peninsula is the key to return to the world community and to lifting the sanctions.

This opinion was expressed by Russian writer and military journalist Sergei L. Loiko, the “Gordon”.

According to him, Crimea will be forced to return any politician who will succeed Putin.

“Under Putin it will not happen in any case. But the Crimea is the key to return to the world community to have been lifted sanctions, without this, no sanctions will not be lifted, one way or another, Crimea will have to return. And return it in the same way as was stolen, sneak, deception”, – stressed the writer.

As he explains, that is again arrange a referendum in which, quite possibly, the Crimeans would vote to return to Ukraine because they’re already pretty full of Putinism and begin to understand, what a huge mistake they made.

At the same time military photojournalist noticed, it’s possible that on the Peninsula will hold the same “referendum” as in 2014, “which the Kremlin will decide that the citizens preferred to return to Ukraine.”

The writer adds, importantly, the Crimea returned to Ukraine.

And going back to – both legally and illegally. The legitimate way to recognize the crimes of Putin, to accept all decisions taken under its authority, illegal, and in accordance with this return to the Crimea in place. But I think that this will not happen, and most likely, it will occur as a result of another of the same fake “referendum” that though as-that to calm the population in Russia, summarizes Loikaw.

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