Rotan: “I was shocked when I was told about the appointment to the post of coach of the youth national team of Ukraine”

Ruslan rotan / Dynamo Kiev from Shurika

Head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine Ruslan rotan commented on the decision of his appointment to the new position.

“I phoned Andriy Shevchenko and invited to the national team practice, where he offered to lead the youth team. I wasn’t expecting that and it shocked me. We discussed this question, it’s been a long time, I didn’t realize how serious it is.

I realized that there will be candidates, and I’m one of them. Thought I was chosen. But when I talked to Andrei Pavelko, I have realized that this is serious and I will consider. And that’s when the Executive Committee, I was chosen the head coach. It was a shock for me. At the same time very nice.

The experience was in Marseille, I’m definitely using it. I’ll take it from Vyacheslav Shevchuk’s something better, I have bad and I will zapachu. Fame in the last six months I have learned a lot. I’m really uncomfortable, because we work comfortably and we were like-minded. I was nervous and I thought to stay. But upon reflection, I have decided that this chance may not be. We talked to the guide and supported me. Now we need to focus and give all power and knowledge.”

Earlier Myron Markevych has approved the appointment of the rotan for the post of coach of the youth national team of Ukraine.

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