Roskosmos was forced to admit on the website of the Gagarin’s flight

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This little fact is recorded, and the logic of decision-making and production discipline, and personnel policies, and — most importantly — attitude. Space as a means to fill their pockets, and not a dream that’s lived (and still lives).

Take, for example, the most recent “successes” — February.

Module “Science” will be sent to the ISS in 2020. The previously scheduled date of shipment — 2007.

On the moon when something will work and why, to extract minerals heavy Russian lunar Rover. The Chinese already on the dark side of the moon crawling, and now to the Earth is already flying the first private (Israeli) lunar Rover. Perhaps it is worth repeating, but it does not fit somehow. Not Russian, no. Private. Israeli. Now.

Collected “the king engine” for the new “Union” will soon begin to experience. In 2021 should be prepared first and second flight sets of motors to the United States to launch a new manned spacecraft “Federation”.

Elon Musk tested engine that exceeds those that Russia supplies to the United States. A “Federation” will not fly to ISS and provide the crew as planned. Something went wrong.

In principle, Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin, as an effective Manager knows what’s wrong. Name.

According to Rogozin, the ship “must not like a girl to be called by the male name”. “Federation”, for example. (Remember the stone?) Well, as many users of social networks said, “Federast” (here the main thing — the imagination not give). Interestingly, the name of the country — the Russian Federation — does not bother?..

Could be called “Airship”. Why? And that was how the song on the poem by Dmitry Rogozin. A video Network includes: “Over the earth is flying the ship in space space. Like an ancient airship, each of the winds and journey. Antenna based, like a bird’s wings. Looking to the planets, the milky way of dust…”

But not name. Because, according to state news Agency, a team working on “Federation”, has escaped from the Roskosmos space in a private company. Perhaps because of this the ship will fly. Managed to start production of new weapons! Yes, Rogozin was in charge of the Deputy Prime Minister, but the Minister of defence Shoigu.

In short, the Federation, or whatever it is called, will be “under the moon”. That is, again — ever. As well as other “successes”.

What precisely can be certain is that it will build a new skyscraper for the “Roscosmos” — in the shape of a rocket. An estimated 25 billion (not Roskosmosa Corporation lands leading your company give). We have the same as follows: if the pretentious buildings of the company no, it is not a Corporation at all, but this is just ridiculous. Nothing in it works. And how to build, so once breakthrough.

What else? With difficulty, brought the “Union-2.1 b” into orbit an Egyptian satellite. Rogozin said that everything was fine. Evil tongues say was an emergency situation. Supposedly the sensors are set up crooked, but because the tank of the third stage has nadalini oxidizer, and as a result the engine shut down prematurely. Believe whomever you want, but the OneWeb satellite launch rocket “Soyuz-ST-B” from Kourou has been postponed. Since the rocket “Soyuz-2.1 b and Soyuz-ST-B” — the same third stages.

The launch of the Egyptian satellite — the first Russian space launch this year. Dmitry Rogozin has promised at the beginning of February Vladimir Putin that this year will be 45 starts: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, 45 launches will — increase more than twice. The load is big, but I think she’ll be fine”.

Simple arithmetic. With the beginning of the year was one start. It has 44 start-up. Before the end of year (rounded) — 10 months. That is four to five launches per month. Every week Russia needs to send something or someone into space. Or gulp to run?..

But there is good news: Rogozin has closed his Twitter account. Now news about a trampoline for American astronauts about the lunar tractor will be able to enjoy only selected Dmitry Olegovich users.

While I was writing this column, “Roskosmos”, thanks to the calls of journalists, corrected: 16.00 flight of Yuri Gagarin appeared under “Running”.

It would seem that it’s not bad. But all that is in the industry, I personally one says journalists should not “Roscosmos” to steer.

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