Roscosmos came up with the original name of the platform for the project “Eczemas-2020”

Recall that the first part of the project “Eczemas” started in 2016, sending it to the orbit of Mars European Orbiter TGO. Now comes the preparation for the second part — “ExoMars-2020”, the main purpose of which should be landing on Mars European Rover Pascal (“Pascal”), which will seek signs of past and present life on Mars.

The Russian side is preparing for the mission, the landing module, which will accommodate a landing platform and the Rover “Pascal”. And platform which, according to preliminary information, will be called “Kazachok”, and the Rover will be equipped with scientific equipment. Start “ExoMars -2020” is planned for the summer of 2020, the landing platform on the red planet, expected in the spring of 2021 .

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