Rich people around the world have increased their capital in 2017 for one trillion dollars


The richest people on earth in 2017, have become more abundant on a 1 trillion USD, four times more than last year.

Most of all in 2017 lucky founder Inc., Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), which earned $ 34.2 billion, thereby overtaking Microsoft Corp founder bill gates (Bill Gates), and herded him the richest man in the world. 62-year-old gates has held this position since may 2013 and donated much of his fortune to charity, including $ 4.6 billion which he has made to the bill and Melinda gates Foundation in August. Bezos, whose net worth exceeded $ 100 billion at the end of November, currently estimated at at 99.6 billion dollars compared to 91,3 billion gates.

George Soros (George Soros) has also allocated a considerable part of his fortune, in October, donated $ 18 billion to Open Society Foundations.

Not far behind, and 38 Chinese billionaires that Bloomberg increased 177 billion in 2017, 65 percent more than in other countries.

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