Riccardo: “the bad Luck will remain in 2018”

Daniel ricciardo / Photo: twitter.com/danielricciardo

Pilot Red Bull Daniel ricciardo is confident that his bad luck this season will remain in 2018. The words of the Aussie leads GPFans:

“After 2018, the bad luck will disappear. It will remain in 2018. I’m looking forward to the new challenge and looking forward to it. Not so important, will my race successful or will be the same as this year, my attitude to that where I move will not change just from that.

Even before the streak of bad luck I wanted to move on and looked for ways to try something different. But I not only think about how to end the year and begin work in the new team. I want to complete it with good results.”

This season, ricciardo failed to finish in eight Grand Prix.

Informed about the situation the Aussie spoke a former Formula 1 driver mark Webber.

Recall that in the next season ricciardo will be behind the Renault.

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