Review of the 31 round of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match

Review of the 31 round of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match
15:47 Today the Telegraph Telegraph Sports news sports: a narrow defeat Ice wolves, a high-scoring game in Kremenchug and intense match belotserkovtseva and Kharkiv.

On 19 and 20 January, three meetings were held in the framework of the 31st round of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match. The ice Wolves gave battle to the leader, but narrowly lost to Dnipro on the road, “Donbass” organized a pogrom “Kremenchuk” and “White bars” were stronger than their opponents from Kharkiv.

“Dnepr” – “Ice Wolves” 3:2 (2:0, 1:1, 0:1)

Once again Nicolai Sidorov had a decent match as the outsider of the pair, but the current leader of the championship all-taki has extracted three points in its arena. For the hosts, everything went well until the final seconds of the second period. At this point, Kherson conducted in three goals thanks to the double Makarikova and goal Bondarenko .

In just a few seconds prior to the completion of the second 20-minute “Wolves” won back one goal thanks to an exact throw Sergey Mikulchik. Defensively almost the entire third period, the guests managed to score a second time for 20 seconds before the end of the meeting. But the comeback effort and time in Kiev is not enough. The team Podgornogo continues to lead in the regular season.

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“Kremenchuk” – “Donbass” 4:9 (0:4, 2:3, 2:2)

Roller team from Kremenchug drove the team. The outcome of the meeting was almost a foregone conclusion even in the first eight minutes of the game, when the “Donbass” scored the opponent’s four unanswered goals. The degree of the match has risen to the limit, the players often broke the rules and acted rude. Fights and such actions led to the fact that team two have earned 21 off for the whole match.

Attempts to return to the game the hosts did not. In the second period the team of Sergey Viter only increased his advantage, and in the final 20 minutes brought the matter to a confident victory with the account 9:4. Despite the crushing defeat, “Kremenchuk” dealt a lot more shots (45:32), but the first part came out perfect chances from Donetsk. In the poker marked Vitaly Lyalka, and the hosts all four goals scored by Nikolay Kiselev. After that meeting, the clubs swapped places in the standings – now “Donbass” second, and Kremenchug in third position. The Pitmen continue their winning streak to 15 matches.

“White bars” VS “Dinamo” 2:0 (1:0, 1:0, 0:0)

Barca on the ice without special problems coped with Dynamo. The team of the Konstantin butsenko scored one goal in the first and second period. Scored for the hosts Bogdan Arabs and Paul Taran in the majority. In General, the players of “White Bars” on all counts outplayed his opponent. What is a three-fold benefit of Belaya Tserkov, the shots – 43:13.

Guests from Kharkov have focused on counter-attacks but acute attacks the team of Aleksandr Kulikov barely worked. Even the removal of the goalkeeper in the final minute and a half has not helped “the Dynamo” at least to throw the puck prestige.

“White leopard” has won 2:0 and broke away from Kharkiv 12 points.

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