“Revealing the plan of the Russians,” the philosopher about the main achievements of Ukraine in 2018

Oleksiy Panych: it is impossible to move at the same time victoriously on all fronts. Photo: Taras PODOLYAN

Over the past year, Ukraine has both positive and negative points.

Says in an interview with the magazine “Krajina” philosopher Aleksey Panych.

“Not in all directions there are achievements. One of the problems is the extension of the moratorium on land sales. It’s a shame. But you can’t move at the same time victoriously on all fronts. A big positive is our success in the Council of Europe. We broke the plan for the return of the Russians. Did not lose a single process in the international courts. Ongoing implementation of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, Gazprom (the Russian Gazprom lost a lawsuit from the Ukrainian Naftogaz and must pay him $2.5 billion. – Gazeta.ua),” he explains.

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On domestic policy – uneven situation, said Oleksiy Panych.

“Somewhere manages to put the squeeze on the next step of reform, where we don’t. Updated Supreme court and the practice which he is trying to protect, is more of a victory. Anti-corruption court is still forming here, “the struggle continues”. In addition to the war we face many challenges. We need to complete the implementation of the Association agreement with the European Union. In an ideal – to join NATO and move closer to the final accession to the EU,” adds the philosopher.

The full interview with Alexey young Gentleman, please read in magazine “Krajina”, dated 17 Dec.


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