Residential construction in Ukraine: what has changed in 2018 infographic

The government reported the pace of housing construction in Ukraine up to 2018. During the year, the volume of rented houses has fallen by more than 1.5 million square meters.

In 2018 in Ukraine was commissioned nearly 8.7 million square meters of housing 103 141 new apartment. Statistical data were provided by the Deputy head of the Ministry of regional development Leo Partskhaladze.

In cities last year was commissioned more than 5,652 square meters of housing (65% of the total). In rural areas the figure was more than 3,037 million square meters (35%).

Compared to the 2017 year, the pace of housing construction in Ukraine has declined significantly in cities.

In absolute numbers the year before, the statistics are as follows: 7.3 million square meters in cities and nearly 3 million square meters in rural areas.

For the year slightly increased the average size of completed apartments:

in 2017 78.6 per sq m;

in 2018 84,2 sq. m.

Half of the total volume of housing which was taken into operation in 2018 falls on apartment building – 51%.

48.9% of in single-family homes and only 0.1 percent of the total volume of housing construction in 2018 fell on the hostel.

In January 2019, the Verkhovna Rada extended the moratorium on eviction of residents of hostels.

Compared to the 2017 year, the total area taken into operation cottages and houses increased by 15.3 percent.

What was the volume of housing construction in Ukraine to 2018 year: infographic

In 2018, the Ukrainians began to buy more houses and experts predict the market in 2019 will be increased demand for suburban real estate of this type.

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