Researchers told about the aliens that feed on radiation

By studying bacteria Desulforudis audaxviator experts from the University of são Paulo and the Brazilian laboratory of synchrotron light have come to the conclusion that similar creatures could dwell in Europe — one of the most livable moons of Jupiter.


Experts note that they studied bacteria do not need sunlight, and essential nutrients for supporting the livelihoods of chemical processes provides the decay of uranium and other radioactive elements. According to one version, the ocean on Europa, there may be conditions, such as those that prevail in water bodies inhabited Desulforudis audaxviator.

Previously, other researchers from the University of Arizona in Tempe, thinking about the habitability of Europe was prompted by an unusual microorganism from the hot springs in Yellowstone, “prefer” the food resources, not too rich in energy.

Europe along with some other satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, for a long time regarded by many experts as the place within the Solar system, where they could emerge alien life . Although the surface space of the body is covered with ice, it is known that under it is the ocean that could shelter microbes of extraterrestrial origin.

The year before, with the help of the Hubble space telescope experts at the American space Agency NASA found on the images of Europe unexpected elements which with high probability can be water geysers. Experts announced a press conference dedicated to the opening in advance, but gave no details, so many were slightly disappointed that “sensation” was not in the opening of aliens. At the same time, scientists noted that if Europe is really inhabited, geysers largely approach the moment when it will be possible to check, because now it may not be necessary to drill the ice.

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