Republic-2017: punk, paint, and hurricane

Street art festival Republic FEST for the sixth time died down in Kamianets-Podilskyi. The most talented musicians, spectacular scenery and an incredible great number of fans: show and tell how raged, played, sang and danced “Republican” festival life this year.
This year on Republic fans happy from 5 scenes: home, art-yard tunnel, the town hall and the biker.
Drive, dance, slam, choral singing hits. Word, see for yourself.
“Hamerman Snimu wrose” traditionally amazed by the costumes. This year for the Republic of the musicians appeared in the images of “Adam”.
Attention! In the video there is profanity!

“Barrow and Assembly” sang the chorus, despite (or thanks to) the fact that the lyrics guys well-laced with profanity.
Attention! In the video there is profanity!

Ukrainian metallers Jinjer already conquered Europe. The Republic of the musicians were lit in earnest.

The audience
A great number of fans this year was particularly active. Similis, danced and sang madly vigorously. The leader of the band “Antibody” Taras Poplar could not resist emotional comment: “you People are so great crowd, which even can not imagine!”. We also didn’t hold back and photographed, photographed, and filmed.

As well as (or even more) similis.

And so danced to DETACH.

Finally, about the weather, not according to tradition. Just the third day of the festival in the evening in Kamyanets-Podilsky has raised such a storm that the tent was demolished. But the great number of fans that did not stop, continued to rampage and tear. Accompanied by a group of “ANNA”.

The tent flew away “iriy” at 2.48
Anyway, next year we will go to the Republic again. And invite you.

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