Representatives Jamala commented on her performances in Russia in 2014

Ukrainian singer Jamala, who criticized the Duo of ANNA MARIA for a controversial interview regarding the Crimea, appeared in Russia in 2014. This information was confirmed and commented on by representatives of the artist.

The network has extended photos on which Jamal performs at the new year party in Sochi, Russia. It happened in December 2014. Netizens immediately called treason, and representatives of Jamala commented on the situation in Ukr.

According to the PR Director singer Dennis Kozlowski, they explained to media 2 years ago when the photo was once again stirred up the network. The representative Jamala said: the performance took place in Sochi and Moscow. The team then broke out a heated discussion, after which they made a decision.

Jamal has twice appeared in Russia in 2014, once in Moscow and once in Sochi. We have in the team had a discussion what to do with the already confirmed concerts: to cancel, referring to changed circumstances, or to fulfill obligations to the organizers,
– said Dennis Kozlowski.

He convinces that she Jamal was against these talks. After the controversial trip to Russia, the artist never agreed to such proposals and did not cross the border of the aggressor.

“Jamal thought that this force majeure, we must decline. Management, including myself, believed that needs to fulfill obligations, because neither the organizers nor the customers nor the audience are not to blame for the events occurring. In the result, it was decided to work out the confirmed concerts and new offers not to take. This was our last performance in Russia,” said Dennis Kozlowski.

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What scandals distinguished national selection of the Eurovision song contest?

In 2019, the national selection of Eurovision-2019 was marked by several scandals. In particular, the victory in the show claimed Yulia Yurina, who is the lead singer of the band YUKO. Woman – a citizen of Russia, therefore, does not deny that gives concerts there.

Even more publicity acquired resonant interview with sisters Anna and Maria opanasyuk. Girls while chatting with journalist Novel by Skrajnym are unable to answer the question: “Whose Crimea?”. Subsequently, one of the singers said that “Ukraine has lost the Crimea.” It is these words caused a flurry of indignation and condemnation, and ANNA MARIA abruptly lost the position of leaders on the show. During the live broadcast of Jamal’s emotionally commented on this position of girls.

How can you say in an interview that “Crimea is our homeland”? There is only one answer to this question: Crimea is Ukraine, it occupied the Peninsula, where there is war,
– said Jamal.

The scandal with the sisters Anna and Maria opanasyuk: watch the video

By results of voting of jury and spectators at the Eurovision song contest in 2019 will go MARUV. However, many Ukrainians were opposed to this, the artist went to the international competition. The reason for merciless criticism was that MARUV continues to tour in Russia and has announced several concerts there. The singer assures that their performances she is trying to achieve “peace between countries”.

At the same time, the question Jamala, the star stated without hesitation that he considers Crimea a territory of Ukraine, but are unable to clearly answer the question about the war in the Donbass. The singer said it’s a very difficult question for her.

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