Reporters visited the Omani hotel, where Zelensky

Hotel Al Bustan Palace in Oman. The presidential Suite is 100 thousand UAH per day. Photo: Tourist club

President Vladimir Zelensky during a trip to Oman lived in one of the most expensive hotels in the country. Probably in the presidential “Suite”, which costs more than 100 thousand UAH per day.

This was told journalist Dasha Happy in his investigation of the “Oman holidays Zelensky”.

“Al Bustan Palace is one of the most expensive hotels in Oman. Government owned official residence for visits. Of course, everyone in the hotel know about the visit Zelensky. The seventh and eighth floors is a Sultan and presidential apartments”, – she told.

Happy recalled that on a trip to Oman publicly announced.

“When they found out Julia Mendel wrote that this trip Zelensky at their own expense, but the official, and he there flew by a regular flight. Official travel paid for by the state and they do not fly regular flights. This is indicated by all the experts. Besides, if Zelensky flew by a regular flight to Oman, probably, his picture appeared at once in a regular airplane. So, how to get there, what airline is still unknown,” – said the journalist.

Previously co-chair of the faction “European Solidarity” Arthur Gerasimov called on the Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko to provide the Parliament and society documents the official visit of the President Zelensky in the Sultanate of Oman.