Remember Everything: Life in retirement

The Soviet government promised all comfortably. Even pensioners. However, the reality was not so rosy. Of course, if you don’t personal a pensioner. For them, and the sanatorium was, and the same personal security. But even such people were afraid of “deserved rest”, like fire.

For 40 years Moses led through the desert his people to die, those who remember the old way. And almost as many years since the founding of the USSR, namely in 1956, was adopted the first law on pensions.

That whoever you were in the Scoop – or honourable “nomenklatura”, or an honored steelworker with years of experience – sooner or later everyone came it was a Soviet pension.


Pensioners during the Soviet Union quickly forgot and they were left alone

Wanted that or not, it certainly was solemnly sent to rest, not necessarily deserved. And to somehow cheer pensioner, arranged the whole ceremony.

That is, the whole team was going somewhere in the restaurant spoke a beautiful, lofty words, and then came oblivion. The phones were silent, nobody wrote, nobody came to visit. You’re not involved in the process of building a bright future, then you are already of no interest to anyone
– says the people’s artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Matviychuk.

And as if the whole world stopped as soon as the pocket appeared a pension certificate.

“Mentally it was difficult, when you demand, when you go to work and everything seemed fine, and then you find a replacement. Because each of us believes himself to be indispensable. And when a man sees that the young man comes, and the detachment did not notice the replacement of the fighter, it was difficult,” – said the academician of NAS of Ukraine and collector green.

Pension fun

Seniors loved to play dominoes or chess

It was hard to understand how to live and what to do. Indeed, in the country of the hammer and sickle such people was.

For them there was only one occupation: to play dominoes at home, or chess,
– said Anatoly Matviychuk.

Grandma liked to talk and gossip on the benches in the house

Do care about their retirement leisure and women. “They sat on the benches at the entrances and watch very closely who goes, who returns home when, who and what is responsible. If you want to know something, we had to pull one of the grandmothers, and just ask her”, – said Anatoly Matviychuk .

Consolation to pensioners can be found in the small joys. As a family or your personal “area” – somewhere outside the city. Happy to look after grandchildren while their adult children are doing the next 5-year.

Lucky retirees who can play with their grandchildren

Pension payments

Payments pensineram was very different: someone who lived many, and some very poor

True proletarian dreams of those who during life has managed to become a significant party person. Whereas life and pension was a joy.

Personal pension of the pensioner of local value – 300 rubles, Republican value – 800 rubles. The pensioner Union values the pension was 1000-1200 rubles. It is very big money for the Soviet people. Especially for a pensioner,
– said the editor of channel 24 Igor Chichkanov.

As assured Anatoly Matviychuk, for the category of these people was revealed to all the special shops, sanatoria for rest, special hospitals, polyclinics. But to enter the elite club of privileged pensioners was not so easy. When life had become almost a folk hero or a successful careerist.

For elite retired Union values open all

If a homo sovieticus became the party’s best friend, and live with every day becomes easier and happier. Despite the declared Soviet equality, to live well is not given to everyone. Or ordinary pension or did not have enough forces for proletarian luxury urban workers. And if you’re a farmer? Farmers generally only in the mid-60s began to pay what-what means – 12 rubles! And since 1985 that figure has grown to 40 rubles!

Not that travel or on clothing are not enough, and even themselves in order to bring. And mostly by the fact that almost all his life unbearable worked. And then that’s how they thanked “the country of equal opportunities”.

“You know my first impression when I saw pensioners on the streets, I could not believe my eyes. This is absolutely elitist people who are very tastefully dressed, watching your nails, hair, etc. That deal somewhere in a small cafe over coffee, over tea, that smile, that walk the streets in pairs,” – shared his impressions of Anatoly Matviychuk.

Part time job

Seniors to earn extra money, stood in line for the money

And if you absolutely could not sit still in place, and in the wallet the wind whistling, it came time for jobs.

My brother, for example, worked. People asked him that to fix the motor, something else to do
– said the older model Ukraine Galina Gerasimova.

And who would have stood up for the deficient goods, as the grandmother in the neighborhood. Therefore, the queue of pensioners at the stores were not unusual.

“They came in the morning, was recorded. You could hire, sorry for such a harsh word, a pensioner, to pay him a little bit. To say: “Baba Musya go wait instead of me in the queue for the Kiev cake at the downtown store, I will reimburse you”. And these grannies honestly defended there for some scarce or cake in the morning for milk with three-liter cans,” recalls Anatoly Matviychuk.

And strict existence, on the border with survival still crippled even the strongest. And pensions, which had to continue to survive, were afraid of fire.

In fact, it is probably hard to find on the globe the country in which pensioners would have been so happy and so miserable at the same time people in the Soviet Union,
– summed Anatoly Matviychuk.


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