Real Madrid – PSG: All about the main opposition Feb

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Whose ligachampion hike will last longer?

1/8 finals of the Champions League as the world championship weak teams here don’t get. And yet the poster real Madrid – PSG at this early stage of games on the flight – a crime.

The first in the history of modern format tournament, the winner of two consecutive draws of the Champions League against the club, which last five to six years spends a fortune on tailors, trying to try on a suit of the football giants, and perhaps for the first time made no mistake with the size: neither large nor small – just right. Someone one will have to retreat.

Weigh the chances of the opponent, count the balance of power.


First and foremost, of course, two of the headliner of the upcoming confrontation. It adds piquancy to the fact that lately there is much talk about possible castling: Neymar, they say, is unhappy in Paris and Ronaldo is in Madrid, why shouldn’t they switch places? Club presidents – great friends, money in both Bank accounts are present, so that in the future, this scenario cannot be ruled out. But while all in their places.

Winner of five Gold balls and crown Prince of the world football throne, escaped in the summer from Barcelona to exit up high the shadow of Messi. Lovers of statistics will be interested to know that right now the Brazilian is really superior to the Argentine in performance: Neymar took part in 44 goals for PSG in all competitions scored 28 goals and gave 16 assists. Messi – 41 (27+14). Ronaldo is inferior to both, he’s only 31 (24+7). If Neymar will knock real Madrid out of the fight, Florentino Perez almost remain arguments against its purchase.

33-year-old Portuguese actually falls behind its schedule over the past few years his goal-scoring activity in February were on average five to seven goals above. But it must not enter the Parisians in a similar case in the local failures in the domestic League and in the Champions League, Ronaldo is all right. In the fall, he became the first player in history who scored in each of the six matches in the group stage of the Champions League, scoring nine goals. For comparison, the Neymar’s six goals, Messi (since he appeared in the article) is three. If anyone needs to get real Madrid in the quarter-finals, it is Cristiano.


The problem is that one Portuguese real Madrid can not be. The once formidable trio of the Madrid attack Ronaldo-bale-Benzema (RBB) this season rarely pleases the fans. The address of the Frenchman at home games “creamy” whistle more often than rivals, and the Welshman regularly alternates between bright and colorless matches. For three, this season they have scored in all club competitions with 40 goals. At Paris three-headed dragon Mbappe-Cavani-Neymar (ICC) – 71.

Newspaper Marca likes to make different surveys and was not spared the rivalry of the two attacking lines. Strange but true – even the Spanish fans prefer to attack the Parisians. Moreover, their offensive advantage is great – almost 8 thousand voters, 83 per cent chose the best trio of PSG.


Almost a twofold advantage in the attacking French club testifies, first, of a better coherence between players, and secondly, the low level of competition in the League (49 goals, 71 were scored in League 1). And despite the second, the first is to invoke in Madrid serious concerns – the defense of “real” is not so reliable as before: 23 goals conceded in the Spanish League, even strong middle peasants “Getafe and Leganés” less than 21 and 22, respectively. Parisians conceded 17 goals in France and another four in the Champions League (real Madrid in the European Cup – seven). Protective barricades in the French capital, while safer than in Spanish.


French coach is not only a great specialist, but the minion of fortune. Two years ago, succeeding in the “Real world” of the stalled Benitez, on the move, he led the “Royal club” to victory in the Champions League. For the next season to the second. It all came together – instead of a pesky Spanish coach experimenter with zero games past, was a charming Frenchman, a legend of the club, a lot of the past steps in the club structure and who knew the whole of Madrid from the inside the kitchen. Football stars in this atmosphere relaxed and began to enjoy, walk on this Luggage a season and a half.

From peplum in this respect, all is not so rosy. Each of their victory, emery suffered, squeezing the maximum out of average class of players who from his drive was lit up like a match and burned to the very end. Two Spanish bronze with Valencia and three consecutive wins in the Europa League with Sevilla (the first in the history of such coaching accomplishment) – the best résumé.

Now it gets used the second season to coach the club, rushing into the European giants, whose most expensive player alone cost as much as 3/4 of any of his previous teams. The humiliating defeat by Barcelona a year ago, (1:6) had much to teach of emery and his players. If the Frenchman after two incredible seasons now with a significant decline, the current fourth place in La Liga, 17 points behind Barcelona, knocked out of the Cup of Spain, the Basque obvious takeoff from the roaring engines: leadership in League 1, +12 points from the nearest pursuer.

The main confrontation will begin in February on Valentine’s day. Lovers of football.

Yegor BYCHKOV, sport express

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