Real Madrid is a unique champion of the world: 7 fantasy records, which was established by the Solari team in the final CSF-2018

Club world championship 2018 culminated in the night of records for Madrid. Real defeated al ain and set a number of historic achievements.

The coaches, invariably one King in European and world football remains the same. Real Madrid again won the Club world Cup. The first trophy of Santiago Solari as head coach rewrote the story. “Football 24” talks about the impressive records that ended this short, not too powerful (if you take into account the number of serious contenders), but still a status tournament.

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Sergio Ramos – an absolute record among the Spaniards in the finals

It was the 25th showdown 32-year-old captain of real Madrid for club and country, or 30th of the final, if we take into account the system of draw of the Supercup of Spain. Only Bernd Schuster decided to leave him out of the lineup for one of the super bowls. 29 in all other matches the centre-back played. On Saturday, December 22, Ramos broke the record for a midfielder of Barcelona, his namesake, Sergio Busquets among the Spaniards, who spent much playing time in such games (2563).

In his finals he played more than 98% of the time. From the 21st the decisive match of real Madrid he has won 16 (4 out of 4 in the Champions League, 4 of 4 in the Club world Cup). The only current squad “butter” who has played every 21 final. Ramos scored in 2 Champions League finals, Club world Cup and the European super Cup. Incredibly for a Central defender! NONE of the defenders are anywhere close to this achievement. Overall only 8 players differed in 2 finals of the Intercontinental Cup/Club world Cup. Sergio – the only defender in this list.

Real first in the history of the who 3 times in a row and 4 overall, won the Club world Cup

First one three times in a row reached the final of the world Cup among clubs, and even became the first who won the tournament 3rd year in a row. Even if you consider the predecessor of the Club world Cup, Intercontinental Cup, this achievement should not obey any command in the history of football. Real was the unanimous king Mundialito, beating Barcelona on 1 trophy purely in the tournament’s current format. You could write that improving such a record will not be anyone else. However, FIFA is preparing reform of the CSF, so it is possible that soon after winning the tournament from Europe will battle 1 club as it is now, so the chance to break the record will rise.

Real Madrid has not lost a single match in the history Mundialito, plus more finals

After you change the format of the Intercontinental Cup, Madrid won 10 matches and 2 tied. This is the 7th title of club world champion (if you count the still tournament-the predecessor of) the assets of the real. Milan 4 trophy Barcelona, Bayern, inter and a number of clubs – 3. Speaking of the Rossoneri. Real surpassed Milan by the total number of finals in the battle for the world crown – 9 vs 8.

Solari and Llorente entered into exclusive clubs

Santiago Solari became only the 5th club world champion as a player and as a coach. Previously passed this way Louis Cubilla (Penarol and Nacional (Uruguay) Olimpia and Paraguay), Juan Mujica (with the same Nacional), Carlo Ancelotti (twice with Milan and once with real Madrid) and Zinedine Zidane (Juventus and real Madrid three times). Interestingly, the Argentine came 4 minutes in 2002, it is Zidane in the composition of Madrid.

Marcos Llorente also became only the 3rd in history of the tournament the Spaniard, who won the prize for best player of the final. In his 71st match for the club scored the first goal. Its predecessors – the real legend of real Madrid Raul Gonzalez (1998) and Sergio Ramos (2004).

Toni Kroos is a unique record CoES

The German midfielder became the first person in history who was club champion 5 times. All thanks to the victory with Bayern Munich in 2013, and the summer departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who also had 4 trophy before Saturday’s final. Achievements of the Portuguese repeated Marcelo, Modric, bale, Ramos, Carvajal, ISCO, Benzema and Varane.

Spain – a record number of world titles among the clubs, real top titles

Over the past 5 years, 24 of 25 of the most prestigious international tournament for clubs (Champions League and Europe, Club World championship) was won by the representatives of Spain. The only exception is Manchester United in 2017 and won the LE. So Spain (11) ahead of Brazil (10) titles, the club world Champions.

Real have won 28 titles in the international arena. Madrid increased its absolute historical advantage, because the nearest competitor (al-Ahly) 24 trophy. The “kings” 7 club titles in the world, Milan is already behind in 3.

Luka Modric scored his first international goal in the final

Unbelievable, but true. The conquest of the Golden ball-2018 and all the major individual awards for the year inspired Luka Modric to do what he never did. The Croatian midfielder scored the first goal in the tournament final for real Madrid. Starting in 2015, the holder of the GP annually resouses scored in the match of the Club world Cup. Modric has continued the tradition, making… debut goal in the season! Maestro goals from long range.

Europe came close to the insane achievement in South America

Even when the competition consisted of a battle between two teams of the strongest football continents and was called the Intercontinental Cup, the Latin American clubs established an incredible record 7 consecutive victories in the years 1978-84 signoretto. Thanks to 100 percent Implementation of the Madrid Europe came close to repeating the achievement: following victory in the Club world Cup will be the 7th. Given that the Europeans have won 11 of their last 12 finals (only Chelsea lost Korintiansu for KCHM-2012), the record can fall in a year. But in overall Europe is pulling away is a 32 vs 26 trophies in South America.

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