Rape: how many cases 2018

In the past year, closed only half of the criminal cases of rape. Photo: Tumisu / Pixabay

Over the last 5 years in Ukraine was more than 2 times less rape cases. This is evidenced by the General Prosecutor’s office, reports UNN.

So, 2014 was accounted for 421 of the criminal offences under article 152 (rape) of the Criminal code. Only registered 918, of which closed – 497.

2015 accounted for 323 of the criminal offenses. Only registered 721, of which closed – 398.

2016 accounted for 349 of the criminal offenses. Only registered 776, of which closed – 427.

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2017 accounted for 259 of criminal offences. Only registered 544, of which 285 are closed.

2018 accounted for 203 of criminal offences. Recorded only 403, of which 200 is closed.

In the hands of the traffickers can be more than 60% of Ukrainian teenagers. This is according to the UN study


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