Ramos, Pique and Busquets will not go to the 2018 world Cup?

Sergio BUSQUETS (number 5) and Sergio RAMOS – among unhappy with the latest changes in the football Federation of Spain. Photo: Reuters

In the national team of Spain scandal – leading players promise to retire.

Last week the President of the Royal football Federation of Spain Juan Luis Larrea, who succeeded the accused in the financial fraud angel Maria Villar Liono fired Maria Jose Claramunt, which since 2011 has held the position of Director of the Spanish national team, and oversaw all issues associated with the marketing of the football Federation. Claremont had incredible political weight within the team – neither the President nor the chief coach of the national team has not enjoyed such confidence among the key players as she is. La Jefa – “Shefini” – was the name of the players.

The decision was made Larrea, and the new Secretary of the Federation Esther Gascon. The President explained to him that Claramunt is a suspect in the case of the Villar, and on disciplinary grounds her presence in the team is no longer valid. She Shefini thinks it’s a witch hunt and purge the ranks of the new leaders who do not want to see anyone from the old team.

“I am discouraged and frustrated. Five minutes before I was handed a letter with the news about the dismissal, I discussed business issues with the President, and he didn’t tell me. I have already started to prepare for the world Cup. I have had no problems with He or players. They have always supported me – and those who play now and those who have already completed a career in the national team. It’s a strange decision, given that the remaining leaders of the Federation to learn more about him later than I,” said Claramunt.

For the first time about a possible dismissal of Claremont began in early September. Then in her defense were made by Sergio Ramos. “For our own good would be better if Maria Jose Claramunt will continue to work in the team. That’s exactly right” – cut in front of the cameras, the captain of the Spaniards.

Before the match against Liechtenstein Larrea, has made several unequivocal statements about Refine. And then players – Pique, Ramos and Busquets – waited for the end of the official lunch of the Spanish national team and, despite the fact that He asked them to go up to your room and relax before the game, directly told the President of the Federation, it will stop playing for the national team, if Claramunt fired.

Since then, the relationship between the team and Larrea cooled so that the players have forbidden the President to come into the locker room. Moreover, Larrea, was not celebrated with the exit to the 2018 world Cup and did not participate in the congratulations of Busquets with the hundredth match for the national team.

Categorical statements have not yet done any single player, but the news about the dismissal of Claramunt they took very hard. According to radio COPE, the football team are outraged by the actions Larrea, and require immediate elections and the change of leadership in the football Federation. “We want to go to the world Cup with a sense of stability and balance, which cannot give these people. They have to go” is the General message of the Spanish locker room. According to rumors, they want the interest of the team the draws of major tournaments and international events was presented by former player of the national team with the status and weight.

Well, perhaps this request can be satisfied. One of the main contenders for the post of Claremont called Fernando Hierro, who already held this post until her appointment in 2011.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express

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