Raider seizures of churches in the Ukraine upheld


Worldwide if members change their denomination, they simply go to another Church or build a new one. For example, if for some reason part of the village suddenly decided to become Muslims, will not the Church of Elijah the Prophet in the mosque hastily redone. However, in Ukraine the generally accepted norms do not apply, because it took square a special law, which will give the appearance of legitimacy insatiable desire to “get theirs.” In 2016 the main legal Department of the Verkhovna Rada gave a negative opinion on the draft law, on the grounds that the subordination of religious communities in principle is not subject to legislative regulation. Can’t case the Church will be decided at the behest of members of Parliament is unconstitutional. After all, the Constitution is still the line that the Church is separated from state.

But now, with the advent of the DNC, the desire to grab a Church of UOC is so great that the recommendations Yurupravleniya just closed my eyes. Put to the vote and 229 votes “for” hastily decided. Not the first time. The first vote on the law the necessary number of votes “for” is not scored. Therefore, the speaker Andriy Parubiy in a moment was again put to the vote. . MPs who shouted that this is not consistent with the regulations, the head of the Parliament just called them “vermin”. With the help of “button pushers”at the second attempt, the desired result appeared on the scoreboard.

So what is the essence of bill No. 4128, which makes changes to the law “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations” . In fact, the act introduced two changes. In article 8 of the law provides the right of religious community to change their subordination – “by registering a new edition of the Charter (regulations) or amendments thereto, adopted under the agreement to such change by a simple majority of persons present at a meeting of citizens who belong to a religious community”. Simply put, if the majority of parishioners suddenly decide that they now do not refer to the UOC-MP, and to the DNC, they can progolosovat for that, and the Church changed its affiliation. Here’s the important question: who exactly can be considered a parishioner of the Church and a member of a religious community. In fact, it is believers who regularly go to the temple, stand on the service, communicate. But they are hardly ready with the Bay floundering to change their affiliation. Therefore, the bill is another great amendment which introduces a concept of the laity as “identity.””Persons belonging to a religious community determines its identity with that religious community, the proof of which is participation in the religious life of the community”. A confirmation of this may be an isolated visit to the temple, and even just bought a candle. Simply put, any resident of the village or region can suddenly declare himself a member of the community may require the transfer of a Church from one Church to another. Of course, these members must be not enough. But for rural Administraci who are rushing to curry favor with the government, does not cost anything to drive away the alleged gathering of a hundred “conditional believers” who will vote for the transfer of the temple of the UOC-MP to the PCU. However, in the adopted version of the act, the term “identity” still removed, leaving instead the reference that “define the criteria for membership of the population in communities remains behind by the religious communities.” In fact, it does not change.

How this looks in practice can be seen in the situation with the churches in Ukraine, at least in recent weeks. January 13 in the village Krasnovolia Volyn region came in the morning prayer of the priest and the congregation are simply not allowed in the local St. Michael’s Church. The local administration, it appears, decided that the congregation should go to the DNC. Because it was brought to the temple priest from the new Church of believers was not allowed to just force wresting the keys from the door. 16 Jan attack made on the Church in the village of olenivka in Chernihiv region. This time the new Church was brought in as a “flock” of radicals of the banned in Russia organization C14. On the eve of the local administration tried to hold the gathering on the subordination of the Church, but of the 100 who were present for care in the DNC voted only 26. So the temple decided to take power. And this was even before the adoption of the new law. Now this process may become an avalanche. No wonder the former Patriarch of the Kiev Patriarchate, and now a member of the Synod of the newly formed PCU Filaret has said that Moscow Patriarchate may “find yourself a different place on earth”…

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